The message-on-hold requirements of multi-location businesses differ from those of individual businesses. The on hold industry simply has not met the demands for multi-location accounts… until now.

ACAT’s patented system is specifically designed to accommodate the unique requirements of multi-location businesses and utilizes a user-friendly web interface to manage any number of NetSmart On Hold players anywhere in the world quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Below are some of the questions about servicing multiple locations that the on hold industry has not been able to answer. It was in seeking answers to these questions that the ACAT system was developed.
Our office supply company has 1,500 locations. We tend to have Fortune 5000 clientele that call in the mornings, but smaller businesses call in the afternoon. Can we change the messages twice per day, every day, in every location, and target both markets?
My company has 800 retail hardware stores. We feel that our on hold airtime may be as valuable as our shelf space. How can we easily and efficiently turn our on hold marketing into a profit center?
How can our bank easily change the music daily, monthly, or seasonally in 5,000 branches to offer callers variety in what they hear?
Message on hold systems seem to have different sound quality at each of our 1500 branch offices. Some sound really good, but others sound horrible. How can I get better, more consistent sound quality without having to hire technicians or waste our staff’s time at each office?
If I notify you at 11:00AM that I need a new custom script recorded, how can I have those messages loaded and playing at all 2,000 retail outlets the same day?
How can my pizza delivery company with 3,500 locations promote our daily specials each day to callers placed on hold? What if I run different specials in different regions of the country everyday?
Our medical group has 280 locations. In the past, we have used a hodge-podge of different on hold players from different companies. There has been no consistency, and at any time there are as many as 15 – 20% of the players that are not working. Short of calling each office and being placed on hold, how can we tell if the machines at each of the offices are working?
The answer to all of these questions and more is as simple as a click of the mouse when you have the patented ACAT System.

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