Welcome to the ACAT revolution! Simply put, ACAT's audio revolution puts you in control.

Internet-based management of user name and password protected accounts allows you to control any number of local or remote NetSmart On Hold® players from any computer with Internet access anywhere in the world.

Custom on-hold programs can be developed and deployed same-day; or scheduled in advance, and then deployed to any or all locations as needed. Or, simply change the music every day with the click of a mouse for a fresh-sounding production without changing the message.

With our on hold message system, your callers perceive less time spent on hold, have less frustration and are therefore more willing to learn more about your company and its products and services. Caller fatigue is eliminated with fresh music that changes daily.

ACAT has evolved to provide more than just on hold messaging; it supports the development and implementation of entire programs, from national campaigns right down to individual locations.

ACAT's NetSmart On Hold® system is simple, yet powerful.

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