The patented technology that runs ACAT's NetSmart system is comprised of 3 key components: The NetSmart On Hold player, The ACAT server, and The Web-Interface.

The NetSmart On Hold® player is responsible for "checking-in" with the server at predetermined intervals to access and download the latest updates. This check-in process serves multiple functions. First, it ensures that the device is functioning properly. If the device fails to check-in at the set interval, the server sends out a notification. Secondly, when the device successfully checks-in, it also looks for updates, if updates are found; they are downloaded to the device and implemented. Lastly, by using a check-in process, the ACAT system utilizes "pull" technology, which aids in eliminating Internet security and firewall issues.

The ACAT Server is not only the brains of the system but music and message repository as well. Functioning as the brain, the ACAT server generates all music and message updates, and registers, monitors and manages all NetSmart On Hold players. As the music and message repository, the ACAT server houses our extensive library of licensed music, organized by genre, as well as each of our clients' private collection of custom messages.

The Web interface is the access tool for all on-hold messaging functions. This tool is accessed via a secure username and password, and provides the administrator(s) with everything they need to create play lists, manage scheduling, establish permissions, and more. This information is then sent via the Internet to the secure ACAT server.

Combined with our proprietary EasyWriter Scripts On Line® script development tool, the system offers full access and administration.

Last but not least, the NetSmart system has the unique ability to adapt to the audio characteristics of your phone system. Our revolutionary auto-EQ algorithm uses a combination white noise and frequency-sweep audio file to profile the audio throughput of any phone system and automatically adjust the volume and tone of the player to optimal sound quality.

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